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I've had many issues with Firefox, in both Windows and Linux. The scroll is sometimes slow or choppy, some elements appear to be floating, etc. This always seems fixed at some point, but then the scrolling issues return for an unknown reason. Also, I realize I could easily 'fix' this by simply switching to another browser, but that's not a choice for me.

I recently told you the issues have been fixed for me, starting with Firefox 3.6 beta, but I am sure this will return, like it did over and over again in the past. However, I have found a permanent fix: using a Greasemonkey userscript created by BinnyVA.

To use it, firstly make sure you have Greasemonkey Firefox add-on installed, then install the script by clicking on THIS link.

No more slow scrolling or floating page elements after using this script. Finally!

If you own a website, you can tweak your CSS so that the scroll will behave properly in Firefox, by replacing any occurrence of:

in you CSS, with:

Update: one thing this doesn't fix is Google Reader. If you know a way to fix the elements from floating around when scrolling in Google Reader, please let us know in a comment.