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Up until now, Twitterfeed was the most popular service for posting feed content to Twitter but as always, Google wants it all and it has now added an option to Feedburner which allows it to automatically post updates from your feed to your Twitter account.

feedburner socialize

The new Feedburner option is called "Socialize" and can be found on the "Publicize" tab. To set it up, simply add your Twitter account (you can add more than 1) and then click the "Activate" button.

It uses the new Google short url: goog.gl and has quite a few advanced options, such as the ability to extract the post categories and post them as Twitter #hashtags, use inline hastags, only select the items from a certain category or based on a keyword and the options you have seen in services like Twitterfeed, such as adding text to the beginning or end of a twit, post only the title, tile and body or body, and so on.

I must say, the timing couldn't be better as Twitterfeed has been experimenting huge delays for the last 3-4 days, with most of the content ending up as not being posted at all.