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As you probably already know, the official Google Chrome extensions website was officially launched. I'm not going to cover that, since probably every website already wrote about it and you won't read anything new, here.

I am, however, going to tell you about an amazing Twitter extension for Google Chrome: Bizzly.

google chrome twitter bizzly extension

Bizzly extension for Google Chrome features:

- you can see photos and videos right in your tweet stream without having to click through to another site
- all the URLs are expanded so you know exactly what you're clicking on
- the "Write a tweet" button automatically populates with the URL of the page your visiting, so you can easily tweet what you're reading
- mute people (remove them from your stream without unfollowing them)
- you can favorite, reply, and retweet people with the click of a button. The last one will be of particular interest to those who hate the new Retweet functionality, since Brizzly still uses the old "RT" style syntax

There is a downside of using Bizzly: it's takes a few seconds to load each time you click it's icon. If this bothers you a lot, you can try Chromed Bird, a faster Twitter Google Chrome extension (but with less features).