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banshee grid view

Aaron Bockover, the creator and maintainer of the Banshee project has announced a new grid layout mode for the album browser in Banshee. The Grid View is not finished yet, as there are still a few quirks to work out and some more polish, but this is a big step towards a friendlier way of displaying your media collection.

Aaron says that:

I’m making the widget more clever and abstracted about layout and rendering so it can be more inviting to users. In fact, you can even live-toggle between layout modes (e.g list and grid) without losing any state.

This effort provides a more visually immersing and space-conscious view for your collection of albums. This big step forward is the groundwork for presenting other media collections in a friendlier way — video thumbnails, movie box covers, audio books, photos…

More info & image credits: Aaron Bockover blog | via anotherubuntu