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Android-x86 screenshot

Android-x86 is a project which provides an easy way to install Google Android on a Netbook.

Android-x86 hardware support

-The latest version is based on Google Android v1.6 Donut and is optimized for x86 netbooks. It includes support for OpenGL on Intel 915 and 945 chipsets (Intel Atom), it's not restricted to low screen resolutions like the official Google Android.

-Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth is supported and if you own an EeePC, the function keys will work out of the box.

Information above provided by eeepc.itrunsonlinux.com

-Starting with build 20090916, Android-x86 is shipped with AndAppStore client which shows you the latest and hottest applications available for your Android device.

-The supported filesystems are: ext3, ext2, ntfs and fat32 which means Androix-x86 can co-exist with Windows.

Here are some screenshots I've just taken with Android-x86 running in VirtualBox:

android-x86android-x86 network

While it will be hard to get used to at first, I consider Android-x86 a real alternative to Chrome OS or any other netbook optimized OS. Maybe the Google Chrome OS devs should have used the time spent developing a browser that boots to optimizing an Android for netbooks.

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