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There are a lot of Facebook applications which allow you to display a RSS feed on your Facebook fan page but I've tried lots of such applications and none worked and looked as good as the Involver Facebook applications.

Involver rss feed facebook

Involver allows you to add a RSS feed to your Facebook fan page, ideal for displaying your latest blog posts, etc. Involver RSS feed will display only excerpts for your feed, along with an image thumbnail (if your post had an image, of course). Involver RSS feed also displays a "Subscribe" link so everyone reaching your Facebook fan page can also easily subscribe to your RSS feed without even visiting your website.

Another great web app for your Facebook fan page by Involver is the Twitter stream widget, which displays your latest tweets, right on your Facebook fan page:

twitter stream facebook fan page

Just like the RSS feed widget, the Twitter stream widget displays a box in the top left corner with a link to your Twitter username, so everyone reaching this page can easily follow you on Twitter. The widget also displays your Twitter avatar in your latest tweet.

To add these 2 Facebook fan page widgets (or choose another widget from the huge Involver collection such as the YouTube web app which I also like), go to the Involver Gallery and then simply click "Install" button. You will then have to select the Facebook fan page you want to set this up for, and then click on the "Add ..." button below it:

add twitter involver facebook fan page

Then, depending on the application you've chose to install, enter your Twitter username or RSS feed and click "Save changes":

facebook rss feed

If you wish to see both the RSS Feed and the Twitter Involver applications for Facebook in action, see our Web Upd8 Facebook Fan Page (look under the "News" and "Twitter" tabs).

Please note: the Involver RSS Feed and Twitter widgets which we presented in this post are free, but some of the other widgets are not. Also, free accounts are limited to 2 Involver Applications.