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"8 more" becase we already wrote about another 6 nice Xsplash themes for Ubuntu.

The first 3 XSplash themes (screens) are part of the Fusion-GX-v00 pack and can be downloaded from the same location - download link after the third XSplash.

1. Fusion-Fluke-GX-v00


2. Fusion-Gris-GX-v00


3. Fusion-Fppg-GX-v00


Download all the above 3 XSplash screens.

4. Ubuntu clean XSplash

Ubuntu clean xsplash

5. Xsplash - Crunchy Branch

Xsplash - Crunchy Branch

6. QDark Studio Xsplash

QDark Studio Xsplash

7. Xsplash-Engranes-GX-01a

This is yet another pack of 3 really nice XSplash screens but since they are only slightly different, I'll only post one screenshot:


8. Chromiu-GX

Yet another pack of 2 Xsplash screens: a gray and a green one. Here is a screenshot of the green one:

Chromiu-GX xsplash screen ubuntu

To change you Xsplash theme, download the archive for the XSplash theme you want and extract the contents to the /usr/share/images/xsplash folder (you need to open nautilus as root: Alt + F2 and type: gksu nautilus).

To test your new XSplash, simply type this in a terminal:
sudo xsplash

And to exit, press the escape key.