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1. jQuery idTabs - comes with many styles

jQuery idTabs

Demo & Tutorial

2. Ajax Tabs Content Script

Ajax Tabs Content Script

Demo (3 examples) & Tutorial

3. Tabber - I won't post a screenshot, as this is the tabbed navigation you can see on the top right corner on Web Upd8. Installation istructions (including for Blogger blogs).

4. jQuery UI Tabs

jquery ui tabs

Demo (multiple examples) & Tutorial

5. jQuery ThickBox

jQuery ThickBox

Demo & Tutorial

6. jQuery Coda Slider

jQuery Coda Slider

Demo | Tutorial

7. jQuery Tabbed Interface

jQuery Tabbed Interface

Demo | Tutorial

8. Nanotabs (only 2 KB!)


Demo (2 styles) and tutorial

9. jQuery Smooth Tabbed Menu

Smooth Tabbed Menu

Demo | Tutorial

10. Sliding Tabs (mootools)

Sliding Tabs

Demo | Tutorial

11. Xp Style tab panes (closable tabs)

Xp Style tab panes

Demo | Tutorial

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