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YouScrobble is a Last.fm and YouTube mashup which combines the best features of the two services into a great, free way to listen to music online.

For instance, the downside of YouTube is that when searching for a certain artist, you don't get to see other relevant (suggested artists), the music is unsorted and often the results or related videos are not related. On the other hand, Last.fm has all these features, but it's a paid service. So putting together a combination of these 2 services is indeed a great idea.

Other Last.fm features integrated into the service are: browse for albums (and listen to them), browse by generes, etc.

Unregistered users can listen to music for free and can also download 5 songs daily. On the other hand, registered (the registration is free) users can download 15 songs daily, they get Last.fm scrobble functionality, playlists, etc. Paid users can download an unlimited number of songs and also get a high priority in the download queue.

[via gHacks]