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basic config ubuntu script

Well, it seems I'm starting to learn lots of languages (actually using Google Translate). Yesterday, I translated a script to install Hamachi in Ubuntu, and today, here is yet another script (translated from Polish), which should help a lot of new Ubuntu users.

The script (all the credits for it go to Piotr Miros 'Epul') helps users set up the common tasks everybody does on a fresh Ubuntu install.

The script works on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala only (both 32bit and 64bit) and can automatically or manually (it asks you if you want each application / customization) install or configure the following:

- adds the recommended repositories,
- downloads and installs the latest updates,
- installs Ubuntu Tweak,
- installs codecs, web browser plugins (Java, Flash),
additional support for archives (RAR, 7-Zip) and additional fonts
- installs MPlayer,
- sets Mplayer and Totem character encoding to Central / Western European (Windows-1250) -> you can disable this by removing lines: 64 and 69,70,71,72,73,74,75,
- uninstalls Empathy and replaces it with Pidgin

Of course, my translation is not very good (and I don't know one word in Polish) but it should be enough to understand what you are doing. Also, the script had a bug in the help menu which I partially fixed and for some reason, the "echo" command on my computer does not support "-ne" options, so those are displayed in the beginning of each line. If that also occurs for you, don't worry about it (it also occurs in the original script).

To run the script, open a terminal, navigate to where you downloaded the script and run it like so:
sh script_ubuntu_9.10_karmic_koala.sh

That being said, you can proceed to downloading the script:

English version | Polish version