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TangoGPS is an lightweight, open source mapping application which you can use with or without a GPS device. Currently, it runs on any Linux distribution - from desktop to eeePC and even phones, such as Openmoko Neo.


TangoGPS uses the maps from Openstreetmap project but you can add various other repositories. The maps are downloaded and cached for offline use, so there is no need of a permanent internet connection. You can also pre-cache the areas of your choice.

If you have a GPS device, your current position will be shown on the map, it can keep a log of your positions data and also, it has a friend finder function which lets you exchange your position with others:


The latest version of TangoGPS - 0.99.1 - was released yesterday, bringing lots of improvements, especially to the layout which was redesigned for better user experience on small screens.

Also, a new feature introduced with this version are Route Tracks. You can now fetch a route track from three different web services with two simple clicks on the map. The tracks are automatically saved in the track directory and can be reloaded at a later time.

Images credits: tangogps.

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