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inxi is a very small command line tool (bash script) which allows you to see all sorts of information about your Linux computer. The information inxi can give you ranges from CPU info, graphic card, sound card, ip and so on (a lot of info!) and you can also choose the color scheme.

Take a look at this screenshot to see a sample of what inxi can do:


For a list of commands, run this command:
inxi -h

Install inxi

In Ubuntu, inxi can be installed in two ways:
1. .deb package. Run the following commands:
wget ftp://cathbard.com/binary/inxi*.deb
dpkg -i inxi*.deb
2. Save the script from HERE, then navigate to where you saved inxi and:
sudo chmod +x inxi
inxi -h

If you use the script, make sure you have the following dependencies: bash >=3.0(bash), df;readlink;stty;tr;uname;wc(coreutils), gawk(gawk), grep(grep), hostname(hostname), lspci(pciutils), ps;uptime(procps), glxinfo;xdpyinfo;xrandr(xbase-clients).

For more info visit this and this page.

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