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A new features was introduced a few days ago in Google Analytics, called "Analytics Intelligence", which monitors your website's traffic. Anytime something significant happens, it adds an automatic alert in your Intelligence reports. If your bounce rate suddenly jumps on one of your referrals, Analytics Intelligence creates an alert.

You can view these alerts on the Google Analytics Inteligence submenu:

Google Analytics Inteligence submenu

But here is how to also create email alerts: on you Google Analytics dashboard, on the left side menu, click on "Intelligence" and then select "Daily", "Weekly" or "Monthy". You will then be able to create a custom alert for the period you selected:

analytics custom alert

You will then be redirected to a new page where you must enter a name for your alert, select the profiles you want to activate it for (if you only have one, skip this), and the custom alert parameters. Don't forget to check "Email me when this alert is triggered"!

Under "Alert conditions", you can choose the parameters for which Google will create an alert for. Here is how an alert I have created for Google search traffic dropping by 5% compared to the previous day looks like:

custom email alert GA

You'll then receive a custom alert, posted in your Daily Alerts, whenever one of these things happens. If you checked the "Email me when this alert is triggered" option, you'll know what's going on even if you're not checking your reports, receiving an email on each occurrence of your custom alert.