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Qmmander is an open source file manager with splitscreen filehandling like the widely known "Norton Commander" which was likely the force behind the development of all the filemanagers out there with a "Commander" in their names. Qmmander is written in C++ and uses Qt, a cross-platform application and GUI framework from Nokia.

Unfortunately for some Web Upd8 readers, Qmmander only works (for now) under Windows, however, if you use Windows you will really like Qmmander which is lightweight, really fast and portable.

Besides splitscreen (dual panel), it also supports tabs, the panes can be displayed horizontally or vertically, and an extensive set of hotkeys is built-in for those who prefer mouse-free computing.

However, one feature advanced users might find lacking in Qmmander is the ability to bookmark or favorite folders. It would certainly make for a thoughtful addition.

Download Qmmander (Windows only, free, open source and portable).