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openshot linux non-linear video editor

Openshot, the great Linux non-linear video editor was updated to version 0.9.54.

New in version 0.9.54:

  • Snap to Play-Head: the snapping tool has been improved to also snap to the play-head.
  • Auto-Extending Timeline: you can now drag or resize any clip past the end of the timeline, and it will simply extend the timeline.
  • Improved Zoom: zooming now adjusts your scrollbars to keep your clips in view.
  • Translations updated: All 7 of our default language translations have been updated to the newest text from LaunchPad. Also, you can use any of the additional 40+ languages. Just drop the .mo file in the /openshot/locale/ folder.

And more. Read the entire announcement, HERE.

Download OpenShot 0.9.54

You can upgrade to (or install, if you don't have it already) OpenShot 0.9.54 by using the OpenShot Launchpad PPA or directly downloading the Ubuntu .deb files.