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Although a beta version of Lubuntu was released a few months ago, a blog post makes it clear Lubuntu 9.10 won't be released:

"For people who want a Lubuntu 9.10 ISO, don't search too much, there is no official release of Lubuntu 9.10. Instead, you can try it by installing the lubuntu-desktop package (you need the 'multiverse' repository activated). Additionally, if you want to test a minimal installation of Lubuntu then install a command-line system with an Ubuntu alternate ISO and install lubuntu-desktop. Lubuntu 9.10 is more of a prototype than a real release, more will come with Lucid Lynx - new shiny packages, new artwork, and maybe new default applications. If you want to help, all informations are available on the Wiki page, and on the mailing list."

Those interested in installing Lubuntu can activate the Multiverse repository in Ubuntu, and then:
sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop

In case you don't know, Lubuntu will be (hopefully) a LXDE based Ubuntu. LXDE is a very lightweight and minimal desktop environment using the openbox window manager, the PcManFM file manager, and a very select list of default applications. It is compatible with basic freedesktop standards and all needed parts are already packaged in Ubuntu today. Some tests show that Lubuntu is the fastest Ubuntu yet.

Please note that Lubuntu 9.10 is just a prototype and a 'real' version should come with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.