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new google translateGoogle has launched today three new features for it's Translation Service - real time translations, (a really cool feature in my opinion), read and write any language (and a new input transliteration feature for Arabic, Persian or Hindi) and text-to-speech.

All this in a brand new look.

Google Translate offers 51 languages, representing over 98% of Internet users today, and 2.550 language pairs.

But let's talk more about the new features:

- Instant translation - Google Translate now translates your text right as you type.

- Read and write any language - can't read a Chinese text? You can click 'Show romanization' to read the text written phonetically in English. According to the Google Official Blog, it works for all non-Roman languages except for Hebrew, Arabic and Persian. Also, it has a new input transliteration feature for Arabic, Persian or Hindi - if you want to translate from one of these languages, but can't type the script on your keyboard, Google input transliteration feature will allow you to type words as they sound and convert them to native script.

- Text-to-speech - available for when translating into English. You can now also hear translations in spoken form, by clicking the Speaker Icon.

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