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Linux represents 32% of netbook sales in 2009, according to ABI Research, higher that the 7% figure that Microsoft has claimed. By 2013, ABI Research estimates that Linux will overtake Windows on netbooks, largely due to sales in less-developed countries. Looking forward for that happening!

From the 35 million netbooks that will be shiped by the manufacturers this years, around 11 million netbooks will be used with a Linux-based operating system. The rest belongs to Microsoft Windows, since Apple hasn't yet released a netbook.

Amongst the most popular choice on Linux netbooks is Ubuntu.

As regarding the marketshare of producers, in 2008, 74% of the netbook shipments came from Acer, Asus and Samsung. In 2009, the situation will be a bit different, according to ABI Research, with major PC vendors like Dell and HP selling Linux-ready netbook.