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Here is a weird piece of info which if is true, it will have serious consequences on all the websites. It appears that Google is seriously considering using page loading time as a factor when returning search results.

While it may seem like a good idea the first time you read this... think about it. This could mean that everyone will use just pages with text, so that they will rank higher in Google. For instance, instead of building a how-to full of images which won't be found through Google, people will just post the plain text.

Of course, we want fast loading pages, but I for one prefer a relevant search result to some fast loading 3 words blog post.

Times like these make you think about the power Google has on all of us. Basically, they can do whatever they want and you just have to adapt to their wishes.

More about this at DownloadSquad.

Update: Google also wants to ditch http:// in favor of spdy:// (speedy) because they are saying http was great for transferring one file, but since websites nowadays use a lot of images, css, javascript and so on, a new protocol is needed. For more info, see the Arstehnica article.