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FooBillard is a free, open source billiards game, originally implemented for Linux and ported to Mac OS X and Windows. It is written using OpenGL, and has very high quality graphics and textures.

The games that can be played with FooBillard are: Pool, Carambol, Snooker, Eight ball and Nine ball.

You can play FooBillard against the computer (AI), against another human player or in network mode (multiplayer).

FooBillard features:

  • wood paneled table with gold covers and gold diamonds
  • reflections on balls
  • shadow pixmaps
  • detail switching of balls according to distance
  • zoom in/out – hold right mousebutton
  • FOV +/- – hold right mousebutton + CTRL
  • rotate – hold left mousebutton
  • animated queue
  • 8ball, 9ball, snooker, carambol
  • simple AI-Player
  • strength adjustment
  • eccentic hit adjustment (button2-Shift)
  • red/green 3D stereo view !!!
  • sound
  • network play
  • free view mode

To install Foobillard in Ubuntu, run the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install foobillard

Download Foobillard for other Linux distributions and Windows | Download Foobillard for Mac OS X