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After the launch of Windows 7 complete, Microsoft is finally focusing its attention on Internet Explorer 9, having huge pressure from Firefox and Google's Chrome browsers.

Microsoft has revealed the first details of Internet Explorer 9 at the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference in Los Angeles, according to Mashable.

The new browser has only been in development for three weeks, but it seems like IE9 will have some standard improvements. The browser is a long way away from its release so there’s no telling what it will be able to do and whether it can match Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Some details:

- On HTML 5: The company doesn’t seem willing to commit to the standard until it is set in stone, but “wants to be responsible” about supporting it.

- On JavaScript: Microsoft admits that the previous versions of IE do not match the speed of Firefox or Chrome, so it is willing to narrow this gap.

- On CSS Support: It looks like IE9 will finally get better CSS support, especially for rounded corners, years after the other browsers.

- On Hardware Acceleration: IE9 will utilize DirectX hardware acceleration to improve graphic and AJAX rendering and it will push more work towards the GPU.