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The dual panel Nautilus which previously was only available for Ubuntu Jaunty is now available for Ubuntu Karmic Koala. Thanks to the author's comment, I kept checking to see when Karmic packages were finally available and it didn't took long until he finally build them.

dual panel nautilus ubuntu karmic

Download dual panel Nautilus for Karmic:

libnautilus-extension1_2.28.1-0ubuntu3~hb1~karmic1_i386.deb (59.3 KiB)
nautilus-data_2.28.1-0ubuntu3~hb1~karmic1_all.deb (4.4 MiB)
nautilus_2.28.1-0ubuntu3~hb1~karmic1_i386.deb (1.1 MiB)

libnautilus-extension1_2.28.1-0ubuntu3~hb1~karmic1_amd64.deb (60.4 KiB)
nautilus-data_2.28.1-0ubuntu3~hb1~karmic1_all.deb (4.4 MiB)
nautilus_2.28.1-0ubuntu3~hb1~karmic1_amd64.deb (1.2 MiB)

You can add the PPA instead of just downloading the files, if you wish. You will also find Jaunty packages in the PPA.

Once you install it, restart Nautilus:
killall nautilus && nautilus &

Then press F3 to open the second panel in Nautilus or via the menu.

If you want to start Nautilus by default in dual-panel mode, press Alt + F2, type:

then navigate to apps/nautilus/preferences and enable the option called start_with_extra_pane.