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Twidge is a command-line microblogging client for Twitter and Identi.ca. It is designed to be useful when you're sitting at a shell prompt.

While I prefer TTYtter, Twidge may be easier to use and also can be install with just one command.

To install Twidge in Ubuntu, open a terminal and paste this:
sudo apt-get install twidge

For other Linux distributions, search for Twidge in your package manager.

Twidge also works in Mac OSX. Here is what you need to do:

1. Install GHC: sudo port install ghc
2. Install Cabal: sudo port install hs-cabal
3. Update Cabal package list: cabal update
4. Install twidge with cabal: cabal install twidge
5. Run twidge: ~/.cabal/bin/twidge

Using a command line Twitter client can be very useful because you can use the power of a shell to tweak everything you need. For instance, you can scheduling future updates (with at), ignore certain updates (with grep), etc. You can see some thing you can do with Twidge, HERE.

Also, by default, Twidge will attempt to shorten URLs in your updates via the TinyURL.com service.

Getting started with Twidge

To use Twidge, you must firstly set up your username and password. For this, use the following command:
twidge setup

To post a tweet:
twidge update "STATUS"

To follow somewhone:
widge follow "nick"

Or use "unfollow" to unfollow.

Other Twidge commands:
lsarchive: List your own posts.
lsdm: List direct messages sent to you.
lsdmarchive: List direct messages you have sent.
lsrecent: Lists recent posts made by you or those you follow.
lsreplies: Lists all recent replies made to you.
lsfollowers: Lists those following you.
lsfollowing: Lists those you are following.

To see all the available commands:
twidge lscommands

You can also see help for a certain command. For example, to see help for the lsrecent command:
twidge lsrecent --help

For a complete command list, either use the command I mentioned above, or see THIS page.

[via gHacks]