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Wally, an automatic changer wallpaper for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX was recently updated, bringing a new module which allows you to use Bing.com images as wallpapers.

wally wallpaper changer

Other changes in version 2.2.0:

- Added selection on map for Panoramio items configuration
- History window has been improved, more informations for each item and filter by tags have been added
- EXIF support improved. Information window has been added, and EXIF is stored in history.
- BUG FIXED: wrong GUI behaviour in HTTP items when setting photos path, now fixed
- BUG FIXED: wrong GUI behaviour on proxy server selection, now fixed
- BUG FIXED: duplicated items are not accepted anymore
- BUG FIXED: now asks HTTP server first if download is recoverable
- BUG FIXED: segfault no longer happens when GIF/PNG/no-EXIF-compatible photo is downloaded
- BUG FIXED: consecutive downloads of the same photo are not allowed anymore
- BUG FIXED: X shortcuts for older WMs weren't updated to current features

Download Wally 2.2.0 (packages available for: Ubuntu (.deb): i386, amd64 for both KDE and Gnome, Mac .dmg, Windows .exe and source files for other Linux distributions).