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Maybe you plan on upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, or just for the next time you'll make a clean install, Volery is an application which should make this task a lot easier and less time consuming.

We have seen a few tries at creating one installer that would allow a user to install multiple popular software programs at once. Most of these programs were taken down after a while due to legal issues that some software developers had with the way their software was distributed.

The new service Volery tries a slightly different approach. Instead of offering an installer that comes with all the software already included it offers to create a customizable installer at the Volery website. The customization is as easy as it can get. All the user needs to do is to pick the programs that should be included in the installer. This installer can then be downloaded to the local computer system. The installer itself has always the same size of 159 Kilobytes. It currently contains the names of all programs that get installed.

Volery is really easy to use: just pick the apps you want to install, download the Volery installer, then walk away and do something fun while it does all the work for you:


The service installs the software with default settings and says “no” to any extra crapware (like browser toolbars) the installers might try to sneak in. Volery isn’t even installed on your system, you just use a stand alone executable to begin the install process.

Volery can create an installer which can include: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Dropbox, Notepad++, VLC, Thunderbird, uTorrent, WinAmp, Songbird, iTunes, Skype, KMPlayer, 7-Zip, Avast, Flash Player, OpenOffice.org, FileZilla, CCleaner, Picasa, Pidgin, Launchy, Gimp, Defraggler and lots more.

Volery is currently in private beta but here are some invite codes:

(Thanks to The How-to Geek, downloadsquad and gHacks, I found the other 2 on forums).

Just go to https://getvolery.com/accounts/demo/, enter your email address, a password and any invite code from above.