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Smokin' Guns is a free, open source first person shooter game for Windows and Linux that takes you back to the times of sheriffs and bank robbers in the legendary Wild West. It features all the typical ingredients of the FPS genre: support for multiplayer games (either hosted by you or using another Internet server), a complete arsenal of different weapons, a dozen different maps and several gaming modes: round team play, ban robbery, duel and death match.

With decorations and appropriate music, the Smokin' Guns atmosphere is very realistic. The weapons are fairly realistic too and you only get 6 rounds of shots, so no more automatic weapons like in the normal FPS games you might be used to.

Smokin' Guns is a worthy successor to the Outlaws tradition, even if it doesn't follow the gameplay laid down in Lucasarts' classic. With some refined gameplay modes, the best weapon balance I've seen in a shooter in a long time, and a theme that most players adore to death, Smokin' Guns is an absolute must play.

Download Smokin Guns for Windows and Linux

Linux installation (open a terminal and paste the following commands):
wget http://www.quake3.fr/fichier/stuff/quake3/mods/Smokin_Guns_1.0.zip
unzip Smokin_Guns_1.0.zip
mv "Smokin' Guns" SmokinGuns
cd SmokinGuns
chmod +x smokinguns.x86

[via webdevonlinux]