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panda cloud antivirus beta 3

Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta 3 was released today, bringing lots of improvements, such as:

  • New improved interface.
  • New website design and services.
  • New Collective Intelligence Real-time Activity Monitor.
  • New Technical Support Forums.
  • Fixed slowness of PC after install.
  • Fixed most cases of scan stuck at X% and errors during scan.
  • Fixed “Problems with Internet connectivity” popup message.
  • Fixed BackgroundScan by deactivating many unnecessary operations.
  • Improved performance based on cache optimization (much less CPU utilization).
  • Improved performance based on memory management (less memory consumption).
  • Improved management of Recycle Bin and restoration of disinfected objects.
  • Improved quick scan option.
In addition, Panda also made available a new forum which you can access when signing up for Cloud AV. More info on this, on the Cloud Antivirus blog.

Download Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta 3.