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To post to Twitter from within OpenOffice.org, you'll be needing the following OpenOffice macro: download.

After downloading, in OpenOffice (Spreadsheed or whatever), go to Tools -> Macros -> Organize Macros --> OpenOffice.org Basic and select "My Macros", then select "New". In the newly opened Macros window, go to File > Open and select the OOoTwitter-1.0.0.oxt file you just downloaded.

setting Ooo post to twitter

The OOoTwitter Macro has been installed. Now we need to edit it and add our Twitter credentials. Again, go to Tools -> Macros -> Organize Macros --> OpenOffice.org Basic, select the OOoTwitter macro and click "Edit". Replace "user:password" from this line:
TwMessage=" -u user:password -d status=" & "" & TwitterStatus & "" & " http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml"

With your username and password.

Save and exit the Macro editor. Now to post to Twitter from OpenOffice, simply go to Tools > Addons > Post To Twitter:

post to twitter openoffice

Credits for the OOoTwitter Macro: h3manth.