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After several beta versions, Nvidia has released version 190.42 of their graphics drivers for Linux. This version, in addition to fixing bugs found in previous versions, VDPAU video playback improvements, adds support for GeForce G102M, GeForce GT 220, GeForce G210, Geforce G210M, GeForce 230M GT, Geforce 240M GT, Geforce GTS 250M and 260M. These drivers also support OpenGL 3.2 X.Org xserver (1.7.0 RC1) and Nvidia Quadro SDI Capture.

Also, NVIDIA 190.42 drivers bring support for configuring the NVIDIA GPU's fan - speed, and support for configuring the GPU PowerMizer mode.

Download Nvidia 190.42 graphics drivers for Linux | Ubuntu users: there is a PPA repository for installing these drivers.