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NScripts is a set of Nautilus Scripts, such as:
  • Apt - Perform a set of operations with apt-get
  • Apt Cache - Perform a set of operations with apt-cache
  • Chkmd5 - Check md5sums
  • CopyTo - Copy selected files/folders to a certain folder
  • InstallTheme: Install a Theme to - install themes for: exaile, mplayer, cairo-clock, GTK themes, GDM, Emerald, Grub, icons and so on
  • OpenInGEdit - Open all selected files in GEdit
  • Rootilus - Open the current directory in nautilus, as root
  • RootOpenInGEdit - Open all selected files in GEdit, as root
  • RootTermInCurdir - Open a gnome-terminal with the currentdir as workdir, as root
  • Shredder - Shred (delete using the shred command) seleted files forever
  • TermInCurdir - open a terminal with the currentdir as workdir, as the current user
  • SetAsWallpaper - set the current file as wallpaper
  • SendShortcutTo - send links to a folder or wherever you want
  • SendToMenu - send desktop-launchers to menu ("Other"-Submenu)
  • MkPatch - compare two files [selected via a file-selection]
  • And other distribution related commands / actions

Installing all these scripts is very easy, simply download the package and extract it's contents to:

Obviously, some of these Nautilus scripts will have some dependencies you need to install. More about this and download link at gtk-apps website.

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