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From Autodesk, the makers of AutoCAD, comes a new, free application called Project Cooper - a drafting tool for simple architectural drawings.

Project Cooper
(Image credits: download.cnet.com)

Project Cooper is like AutoCAD, stripped down to the bone and then some, and that makes it a lot easier to use. It's also built for Windows 7 touch screen computers, so you can drag and rotate and objects without a mouse or keyboard.

Project Cooper can be used to create highly polished drawings that can be presented or shared with clients or other design partners in the world’s most widely used design format, DWG, unlike general purpose drawing applications. It also allows the creation of precise drawings with real world dimensions so accurate, detailed plans and layouts can be drawn to scale. Project Cooper is ideal for quick design work, and users can get live feedback as they sketch to boost precision.

Cooper should be available with the launch on Windows 7 - that means today, and while Autodesk is testing the app, for the next several months, it's free. If you're working on a home improvement project, I recommend you check it out.

You should be able to download Cooper from HERE.

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