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Masher is a website which lets you easily create a video by mashing together video clips, music tracks and photos - for free.

To create a good mashup, you need a nice collection of content and a way to combine everything together in the way that you want - and Masher will help you. You can use your own resources and/or combine with the ones provided by Masher which includes images, videos, music, effects and skins.

The place where you put together all these media files is called "Studio" which consists of the preview screen, the top menu which gives one touch access to all the media and effects, and the bottom placed timeline. The timeline is where you drag the selected media type after choosing it from the galleries provided. Basically, all you have to do is drag and drop items onto the timeline:

masher studio

Once you finish your mashup, you can choose to make available publicly (in the public Masher gallery) or limit it to your friends.