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At a first look, Koego is just another free statistics service for your blog which does not impress and gives you no reason to give up Google Analytics for it. But then I discovered the Social Media stats integrated into Koego and that's when I was really impressed. Basically, Koego provides stats for your Twitter account (and FriendFeed) which inlude:

- your following / followers count each day
- people who retweet you the most
- mentions
- mentioning
- how much you tweet per time of day, day of week and so on
- the keywords and hash tags you use the most
- the clients you use the most (if you use more than 1)
- and many other

Take a look at these screenshots (I've just been using Koego for a couple of days):
social media statstwitter stats

And (even tough I didn't provide any info on this) it can also be integrated into your blog / website for providing Google Analytics-like stats.

You can even integrate your Blog stats into Twitter (if you choose to enable this), which will provide a daily tweet with some stats such as best keyword, top referrer and so on:

twitter koego blog stats

If you use Twitter or FriendFeed on a daily basis, Koego is a must!