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gmusicbrowser 1.0.2

Gmusicbrowser, one of the best music players for Linux was updated to version 1.0.2. If you read Web Upd8 constantly, you must have heard of it by now.

1.0.2 changelog:

- updated fetch_cover and lyrics plugins
- updated translations : de fr
- new translation : zh_CN
- added support for reading pictures in flac files
- add "Now Playing" support for last.fm
- new plugin : notify
- new layout : 'Tabbed Lists, Library & Context'
- add support for using ogg123 to play flac files
- improved the Makefile
- Implement "CopyFields" DBus function
- fix accumulation of mplayer processes if -cache option enabled by using -nocache option
- fix to support amixer controls with spaces in their name
- other small fixes

Download gmusicbrowser 1.0.2 (packages available for Ubuntu (.deb and repository), Mandriva, Fedora, Archlinux and Gentoo)