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geocities end

Like we wrote some time ago, Geocities closes down today.

A bit about GeoCities:

Founded in 1994 as Beverly Hills Internet, what is now Yahoo GeoCities was one of the first services to offer an easy way for early Internet surfers to publish their own Web pages. Whereas most hosting options of the 1990s were expensive, thus limiting their use to more entrepreneurial pursuits, GeoCities' free hosting space became the home for thousands of sites built around thematically oriented "neighborhoods": conservation, fashion, military, sports, finance, travel, and more.

But that hierarchy proved limiting and then confusing, as neighborhoods expanded into blocks and suburbs. After a Yahoo buyout in 1999, the new management chose to make the URL structure even more complex. This era was quickly followed by both the dot-com bubble burst and the availability of affordable personal hosting, such as Yahoo's own Web hosting. Neither bode well for GeoCities' long-term viability.

If you’re a GeoCities user, you've been given plenty of warning, but you can still hop over there and get your data out today before current owner Yahoo turns out the lights.

What does that mean for the rest of us? 7+ million web pages and 8+ million images less to browse. This number can be much higher because some of the Geocities sites could be private and therefore Google won’t know have details about such pages.

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