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DivFix++ is an open source AVI video repair and preview software which works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. It was designed for repair and preview of files downloaded from bittorrent, gnutella, emule, ftp, web or any such source and it can repair AVI and DivX files (for now).

The interface and operation are straight forward. Just select where you want the repaired file to be saved, use drag and drop to add the videos which need repairing, into the Source Files pane and that's about it. Repair time was fairly quick and the resource utilization is pretty low. The application requires no installation on Windows, you just simply have to unzip the archive.

DivFix++ provides options to leave the original video file intact, preview the repaired file in some temporary location, and delete after repairing. It also provides option to cut out bad parts so as the fix the video with good parts.

Download DivFix++ (Windows .zip, Mac .dmg and Linux: Ubutu .deb, OpenSUSE .rpm - all for both i386 and x86_64) | There are also One Click install files available: Download.