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amarok 2.2 finalAmarok 2.2 comes with an almost completely new look and feel. It now has a new layout for the Browser Pane on the left and an easier navigation using "bread crumbs" on top. All elements, the Browser Pane, Context View and the Playlist are dockable widgets, which you can place how and where you like. It is even possible to stack or remove them. Of course it's up to you to change the position, width and height to your liking.

Read the complete Amarok 2.2 release announcement to see what's new.

Amarok 2.2 marks the start of a series of 2.2.x releases that will focus on improving what is there rather than adding major new features. A new release will follow approximately every 6 weeks and bring with it bugfixes and improvements, as well as a few new features. So look forward to more regular Amarok updates in the near future.

(K)ubuntu Linux 9.10 the "Karmic Koala" will include Amarok 2.2 as its default Audio player! Packages for 2.2 will be uploaded to Karmic shortly.

Instructions for installing Amarok 2.2 in (K)Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (it also includes instructions for installing Amarok 2.2 in Fedora).

Other Linux distributions: download / installation instructions for Amarok 2.2