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HeliosPaint is a complete program of drawing and image editing with a wide palette of tools to unleash your creativity. You can use it to create icons, edit photos and so on. Being a Java application, it is cross-platform, working on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Draw lines or hand lines to create polygons with unbelievable shapes and paint the inside with a click, write or draw with spray are the basic utilities. But HeliosPaint has more. We can cut a piece of the image in the form of a rectangle or other geometric shape or automatically select a shape with the magic wand tool. And as for the retouching of photographs, HeliosPaint can rotate or deform giving perspective, and even add filters to change colors, appear to blur or painted in oil.

Among HeliosPaint features are:

  • Curved, straight and freehand lines with choice of width, dash pattern, line joint and arrow heads.
  • Paint Brush with adjustable size and edge feathering.
  • Eraser with adjustable size and edge feathering.
  • Spray Can with adjustable size and edge feathering or global spray option.
  • Paint Can with local and global replace. Colour bleed sensitivity allows nearby similar colours to be painted.
  • Shape tool for creating freehand, regular polygon, star, moon and heart shapes.
  • Text entry with choice of font, style, underline and rotation.
  • Image filters: RGB levels, HSB levels, contrast, gamma, invert, gray, black and white, colour filter, sharpen, blur, edge feathering, edge detection, oil painting effect, emboss, unsharp mask, chrome, sepia tone, threshold.
  • Image colour and transparency adjustment by flat, round, rectangular and 'fit to shape' gradient patterns. This allows areas of the image to be darkened, brightened and colour enhanced.
  • Image flip, scale up, scale down, rotate, shear, perspective view.
  • Text and image paste from clipboard. Image and image segment copy/cut onto clipboard.
  • Scissors, lasso and wand for selecting and moving an area of the image. Sensitivity of lasso and wand is adjustable. Transparency of overlaid area is adjustable. Scissors can cut out various shapes including regular polygons, stars and hearts. When part of the image is selected, all paint operations apply only to that area.
  • Save selected area as transparent gif or transparent png file.
  • Supports images up to 12 megapixels in size (a high end computer is recommended for working with very large images)

The application is capable of opening and saving images in popular formats: BMP, GIF, JPG / JPEG, PCT / PICT, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, PSD, RAS, TGA, TIF / TIFF, WBMP and XPM and even offers the possibility to export the image to PDF format.

Obviously, it does not have anywhere near the features of the almighty Photoshop or GIMP, but it can serve well for small touch-ups or to prepare your images, for example, to upload them to a blog, a social network or an Internet forum.

Download HeliosPaint | via bitelia