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Installing Wordpress to your own machine can be quite tricky for newbies and requires you to install PHP, Mysql and so on. Sure, there are alternatives such as XAMPP or WAMPserver but for inexperienced users, Microsoft Web Platform Installer can be really handy. It is a free product designed to make it easy for you to develop and run websites on your Windows PC. It provides a simple wizard where you select the software that you wish to run on your computer, and the installer will automatically select the other programs that the necessary to run to software you just selected (in our case, WordPress). The installer is web-based and it will only download the stuff that you want.

Using Microsoft Web Platform Installer, select WordPress, click “Install” at the bottom of the window, and all the other tools needed by WordPress such as PHP and MySQL will be automatically added to the install list. When everything is installed, you can click the link at the top that says “Launch WordPress,” and your fresh WordPress install will open in the default browser.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer is just about 1 mb in size and runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP2+, Windows Server 2003 SP1+, Windows Server 2008.

[via labnol]