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zonealarm pro firewall

ZoneAlarm Pro is a commercial edition that include more features that the freeware ZoneAlarm firewall. ZoneAlarm Pro, other than includes the standard two-way firewall to protect computer against malicious attacks from web and local network, ZoneAlarm Pro also includes a OSFirewall, advanced download protection, ID protection service with free credit bureau monitoring, anti-phishing, and Site Status Toolbar.

They have made quite a good name in the Firewall and Antivirus industry and getting it for free seems like a great little offer.

Today, October 13, you can download Zone Alarm Pro Firewall 2010 for free! There is a separate download page for this offer, which will only last for 24 hours. The offer should start in 2-3 hours so make sure you visit the page later today do get your free copy of Zone Alarm Pro Firewall 2010.

Download Zone Alarm Pro Firewall for free