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D2X-XL is an OpenGL mod for the classic 3D game Descent 2. D2X-XL is based on D2X 0.2.6, has all bugs from D2X 0.2.6 fixed and has restored all features from the original D2_3dfx (official Voodoo graphics version). D2X-XL is free and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Descent is a 3D first-person shooter video game which has a strong following due to its unique 6DOF gameplay.

To understand better, take a look at this D2X-XL video:

Descent never achieved the popularity of more contemporary 3D shooter games due to the demands on the player to keep his or her sense of orientation in a fully 3D environment with a 6DOF flight model. Additionally, learning to "tri-chord" — increasing movement speed by simultaneously pressing the acceleration controls for several movement directions — took some time to master. Nonetheless, the challenge the flight model poses continues to attract certain sections of the gaming community to this day.

It is said that some players initially suffered from nausea and confusion since there is no fixed sense of up or down with the zero-gravity effects of space applied to the planet's mines as well.

D2X-XL key features:
  • Colored lighting and lightmap support
  • Full CTF mode
  • Entropy multiplayer game mode
  • UDP/IP multiplayer code and tracker support
  • Automatic mission download
  • In-level teleports
  • Cameras and monitors
  • Speed boosts ("wind tunnels")
  • Screen resolution up to 1600x1200
  • All cockpit views available in all resolutions
  • Mission folder with sub directories to allow for improved mission file management
  • Support for playing D1 missions

Download D2X-XL for Windows, Linux (including packages for Ubuntu) and Mac OSX.

Please note that to use D2X-XL, you also need Descent 2 data. The link is broken on D2X-XL website, but you can download it from D2X-XL Sourceforge page (direct download link).

For installation, see the instructions.