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bit.ly gnome applet

gbitly-applet is an applet for Gnome which enables creation of short urls without logging into bit.ly. Its still in its development stage but alpha version is available.

How it works: you will need to right click your Gnome panel, select "Add to Panel" and add gbitly-applet, then right clicking the applet you will see a form in which you must fill in the long URL which you want to get shortened. Also, the applet automatically detects a long URL you previously copied (from the clipboard) and adds it to the long URL field.

You can download it from HERE.

To install it is pretty easy. First, make sure you have libcurl-devel,panel-applet-devel and gtk-devel installed. For Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install libcurl-devel panel-applet-devel gtk-devel
sudo make install

To make a bit.ly account, go to http://bit.ly/account/register?rd=/ and then get your API key from: http://bit.ly/account/ then copy the API key and paste on the API key in preferences of the applet.