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Banshee 1.5.1 (aka 1.6 Beta 2) has been released, bringing important changes, such as an Auto DJ mode, three new shuffle modes, support for WebOS devices (like Palm) and support for the Samsung Galaxy Android phones.

banshee 1.5.1 shuffle

Other changes:

  • The ellipsized ListView text received tooltips;
  • The "Library" suffix was removed from the Video and Music sources;
  • The ListView selection received a thin highlight for a 3D effect;
  • The search box can be cleared with the ESC key;
  • Added the --gconf-base-key command-line option;
  • Added support for playlists on Android G1 mobile devices;
  • Improved support for Rockbox-powered devices;
  • Ability to sync the video folder on WebOS and Android mobile devices;
  • The error message label is now selectable;
  • Gtk.AccelMap can be saved and loaded;
  • The "preset" option of the LAME encoder is now configurable;
  • The song properties are now selectable;
  • The track editor received tooltips;
  • Copyright, conductor, composer and grouping fields received auto-completion function;
  • Added oga/taglib mime-type to the OGG Vorbis audio profile;
  • Multiple folders can now be selected when importing music;
  • The "comment" filter was added to the Banshee's search function.

Installing Banshee 1.5.1 in Ubuntu

You can add this PPA or manually download .deb files:



Unfortunately, the .deb files are only available for Ubuntu Jaunty so far.

For other Linux distributions, head over to Banshee download page.

[image credits: http://versia.com]