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If you use Ubuntu, I am sure you know how annoying it is when you power-up your computer and FSCK begins to check your disks. That's because it's set to do so every 30-ish disk mount.

You can change this with a simple command but there is a better way of doing this: AutoFsck.

AutoFsck automates periodic disk checking in such a way that it no longer bothers the user at boot every 30 times, and is streamlined in a friendly graphical user interface.

AutoFsck works like this: when you shut down your computer, it finds the info on your disks and determines if your disks need to be checked and if so, it asks you if you want to check them. If you select 'yes', your drives will be checked before the computer shuts down and if you select 'no', fsck will not run the next time your computer boots.

Please note that AutoFsck does not stop fsck from running if the filesystem in question is flagged as unclean during boot.

Download AutoFsck (Ubuntu .deb)