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Just days after the release of Nexuiz 2.5.2 that brought many new features to this popular open-source game, Alien Arena 7.31 is out.
Alien Arena Screenshot
In case you don't know, Alien Arena is a free, stand-alone deathmatch game based on source code released by id Software. Alien Arena has been released for Microsoft Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. The game has been free to play since its inception, and there are currently no plans to change it to a pay-to-play format. However, as of version 7.20, it features in-game advertising, in the main menu and in some maps. While the game's content is proprietary, the CRX engine is open source.

Alien Arena 7.31 brings some exciting new content and a number of engine improvements, optimizations, and gameplay enhancements.

Some of the new features in this release:
  • Improved shadow volumes with self shadowing.
  • Vertex buffer objects.
  • Sound improvements/bugfixes.
  • Security fixes.
  • Anisitropic image filtering.
  • New weather effects.
  • Callvoting.
  • Duplicate player renaming.
  • Two new levels.
  • Auto detection of settings on first run.
  • Doppler sound effects.