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About Handy Backup:

Handy Backup is a disk imaging and backup software developed by Novosoft LLC. Handy Backup creates backup copies of data stored on computers working under Microsoft Windows and Linux, through WINE (more about Handy Backup and Linux, HERE). The backups can be stored to a variety of local and remote devices including HDD, CD/DVD discs, FTP and SFTP servers and other storage media.

handy backup pro

Handy Backup has a Wizard driven interface and a task-based architecture which allows creating and scheduling three types of operations: backup, restore and synchronization. Key options include task scheduler, ZIP compression, Blowfish encryption, e-mail notifications, and an option to start other programs before or after task execution.

File systems supported by the software include NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, Reiser4 and other. This variety is achieved through the use of disk imaging module which allows performing sector-based backup which doesn't query the file system. Though this feature is not primarily designed for hard disk cloning, it can also be used for this purpose.

Here are Handy Backup Professional main features:

  • Scheduled backup, restoration and synchronization of your folders and files;
  • Disk image backup – ability to create an exact copy of your hard drive including the operating system, all applications and settings, so the system can be quickly restored after a system failure;
  • Versatile choice of supported storage media including CD, DVD, LAN drives and FTP/SFTP servers;
  • Capability of running as Windows service, which allows executing tasks on specified time not requiring the user to be logged on;
  • Integrated ZIP-compression, password-protection and encryption of your data;
  • Option of one-click backup of Outlook Express, Windows registry, My Documents and other common types of data;
  • Detailed logging and e-mail notification of all processes.
  • Back up data of Android-driven mobile devices, such as T-Mobile G1 (Google Phone).

As if backing up to local media, local servers, and offsite locations weren't enough, all users of Handy Backup can also take advantage of the Novosoft Remote Backup Service which provides you with unlimited storage in a highly secure web server.

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3 Free Handy Backup Professional Licenses Giveaway

One Handy Backup Professional License costs USD $99 but it's developers are giving away 3 free licenses to WebUpd8 readers. Since there must be quite a few people desiring one (I want one too, but I won't keep any for me and give it all to Web Upd8 readers so please use it to it's full potential if you win one:) ), I will make a draw on who will get it.

Here's how the contest (actually it's not exactly a contest) will take place: you will have to post a comment here, requesting a Handy Backup Professional license. You must use a real e-mail address or else you will be disqualified (so only comment using your email address, not with your Disqus, Facebook or other profiles). It doesn't really matter what you comment because I hate those blogs that ask you to comment saying why you must be the chosen one, take the red pill :), twitt, pray or other stuff like that. No, all you have to do here is comment using a valid email address (but please, no vulgar comments). :)

The comments must be posted until Sunday, 18 of October, 2009, 12:00 PM (GMT). Later on Sunday (or Monday), I will post the winners in a new post on Web Upd8. The winners MUST confirm that they still want to receive the free license in the post where I will announce the winners (if you don't want to miss the post you could subscribe to Web Upd8 posts using your favourite RSS reader or by email) and then I will send him/her the free license (to the email address which he used to comment).

If a winner fails to confirm in a 48h period, a backup winner will be chosen (I don't know how exactly, we'll see). Hopefully, everybody will confirm it's $99 Handy Backup Pro license prize.