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Yahoo Messenger 10 beta was released about a month ago and I am sure most Yahoo users already switched to it. But most of you probably hate that nagging ad banner displayed at the bottom of the buddy list and also, you may want to run multiple instances so that you can log in to multiple accounts, or so that someone else can log in to Yahoo! Messenger in the same time.

To remove the ads and enable multi-messenger for Yahoo Messenger 10 beta (current version:, download Ad Banner Remover Plus v1.0.4.0 via:

Download -
Ad Banner Remover Plus v1.0.4.0

Download - Ad Banner Remover Plus v1.0.4.0

Make sure you close Yahoo! Messenger before running Ad Banner Remover Plus, or else it will not work!

Also, in case you want to do an offline install of Yahoo Messenger 10, you can download the offline installer from HERE. Don't forget to select 'Custom' when installing, because Yahoo Messenger will try to install Yahoo Browser plus, Yahoo toolbar and also make Yahoo, your default search engine, so uncheck those and then proceed with the install.