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viewer2Viewer2 is a free image viewer and a searchable image database that tries to do things a bit differently. I must say it's an amazing application, and not just how it looks, but also great for the way tagging and searching images on your computer works.

Also, you are not restricted to a normal list-style view of the images. You will see all of the folder or all the search results at once. You are free to navigate and zoom in the view to take a closer look. This allows for a very fast way to pick images with your own eyes.


* A completely custom interface that allows very flexible image organization
* Fully 3D-accelerated visuals that do not detract from usability
* A database including tagging, searching, importing IPTC tags and automatic tag suggesting
* IPTC data editing
* Full Unicode support

Viewer2 will immediately impress due to its stylish interface and innovative functions and to understand what I'm saying, watch the following video:

When you first start Viewer2, you basically just see a blue background. But move your mouse to the edges of the screen where you will find all the tools that you need to browse, view and tag your images. But note that in order to really take advantage of what this program can do, you have to become familiar with the different mouse manipulations. For that, check out the Viewer2 manual and video tutorials.

Viewer2 works on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista and weights just ~1,6 MB.

Download Viewer2

[via Freeware Genius]