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Like I told you in the Ubuntu Karmic Koala (Almost) Final Artwork post, there are still updates to come.

The last one: new default wallpaper and lots of new wallpapers (people were complaining about only one new wallpaper - the automatic changing Cosmos wallpaper - well, now they have lots of new wallpapers to choose from).

The default wallpaper:

karmic koala default wallpaper

Which is named warty-final-ubuntu.png. The Ubuntu developers have a reason for that:

The wallpaper is named warty-final-ubuntu because we realized we can't change the users gconf keys so we can't update their wallpaper unless we keep the same name.

And all the other new wallpapers:

new ubuntu karmic koala wallpapersnew ubuntu karmic koala wallpapersnew ubuntu karmic koala wallpapers artwork

You can download all these new wallpapers in high resolution, from HERE.

Other updates may come... so stay tuned.

Update: And we can now see the new GDM theme (login screen):

new ubuntu karmic koala GDM screen