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Today on Twitter’s API Announcement Group, details were released explaining how exactly the ReTweets (RT) will work and look like. The ReTweet is already central to sharing content on Twitter, but confusion and the mess surrounding the syntax have prompted them to build this feature.

Retweet” will appear as an option at the end of any tweet. Clicking this will share that tweet in your Twitter stream, just like a normal retweet would. However, it will not come with the “RT @username” syntax we’ve come to recognize.

Here is a mock-up of the upcomming Twitter ReTweets:

twitter retweets default
(Click to enlarge -> Note the icons now under tweets, as well as the Retweet tab system)

This new system will only gather up to 100 ReTweets but some get more than that, so it will be interesting to see how this will be handled.

[via techcrunch.com]